Our name is M1 seller

Main stock on https://buyresearchchemicalsusa.biz. The name of the company is M1 - Seller, we sell methylone in the United States since 2005. And we are the largest supplier so far. Our Chinese factory provides the high quality and low prices. We are the only ones on the market of research chemistry who offer products of such high quality. Our laboratory is always striving to find new solutions and modifications forr the products. Extensive experience has allowed our scientists to form distribution network not only in the US but also in west-Europe. Our privacy policy provides stability and purity of cooperation deals. The trust of our customers is the most important thing for us. And now we also welcome to cooperate. Individual work with the client allows you to choose the best package of products and to develop the most convenient delivery and settlement method.

Our salt for better standard tubs. Because This research chemicals, to be more precise, we sell drugs. Different drugs, for every taste and color. A very popular product now buy black brothers, and he called for black. There are kits for yellow and even astronauts.

We are the first who became a dealer in the open space, was sent on Christmas sex Kill am research chemicals for testing. The test results have not yet arrived, we were told that the test is not done yet.

Payment and delivery

We really like to get the money via PayPal account. But we can accept and western union or Money Gramm or Bitcoin. This is not a problem for us, the more money the better.

But the delivery is always sligh a problem. Like it is and like it does not exist. We always want to offer you a lot of such couriers like ems, dhl, fedex, but never send for safety reasons. Why do you trouble, this method allows you to work and we do not feel sad.

But you have to say about the samples, you can order samples of chemistry research for yourself or for a friend. It will be as always a free sample, which will cost you 200 usd. Once you have paid and we sent you the sample, do not forget to test what you receive. Then write us about the effects and the sensations caused by the product, in general, everything. Share this in social networks, tell everyone where you bought this miracle of research chemistry and how it can feel.